Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Overall Rating: ?
Synopsis: 10 year old child wizard/genius Negi Springfield has to teach English at an all-girls boarding school. Magic and fan-service ensue.

The reason I put a ? for Overall Rating is I have no idea what to think about this series. Both the manga and the anime seem to focus more on fan-service involving middle school girls than on plot or magic. I was tempted to rate it a D, but I have only seen the first disc of the anime, and read the first volume of manga, so maybe it gets better. I wouldn't count on it though.

Both seem to be closer to a male's first wet dream than anything resembling plot, with panty shots and barely clad schoolgirls thrown in at every opportunity. I originally picked up the series because I like magic, and I like manga, and I thought this might be along the lines of Harry Potter. It was closer to being along the lines of a bad romance novel. A bad romance novel that makes you feel like a dirty old man.

For example, one novel side-effect of Negi's magic is that it tends to eradicate clothing. When he tries to erase the memories of the female lead, Asuna, he instead erases her clothes...huh? To top it off, one can only assume Negi has a severe allergy problem, because he sneezes a lot. What relevance does that have, you might ask? Well, apparently, his sneezes cause skirts to fly up, resulting in much fan-service.

Fortunately, the manga is rated 18+, so people kind of know what they're in for, but be forewarned, do not read this in a store. The last thing most people want is to stumble over someone in a Dragonball Z shirt that's looking at middle school girls' underwear. Trust me, it's creepy, and you'll end up dying alone.


Dom said...

Um, person (I don't remember your gender), have you read the rest of the story? Later in the show, I know there is quite a bit of fanservice, but the story picks up quite well if you don't mind akamatsu's first volume. Much better in plot than anime, or so fans have shown me.

Volpeculus Sagacis said...
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Volpeculus Sagacis said...

:D Excellent... someone else who shares my profound distaste for this series. I'm rather new to manga myself, but unfortunately my first finds were both this and that other Akamatsu abomination.

Nick said...

I hope you'll give some other stuff a try. There's a lot of good stuff out there, and if you give me an idea of what sort of things you like, I can try to recommend some titles.

Volpeculus said...
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Volpeculus said...

Hmm... well, I like anything either humorously surreal or philosophically abstract--though I've become a sucker for things romantic and moe as well.

...That's far too broad, I know, but I've found Suzumiyah Haruhi, FLCL, Mirai Nikki and Serial Experiments Lain of great interest. Thanks for offering!

Volpeculus said...

...God, why does this keep double-posting?

Kohana28 said...

You are very bold to try out the rest of it.

I mean when i picked up the manga itself, it was only because i had nothing new to read and i kind of heard of the series before ..but then alas...i gave up on it after a few chapters....@.@

贝贝 said...

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