Monday, January 21, 2008

Speed Grapher Anime

Overall Rating: B
Synopsis: A drama/supernatural mystery anime from Gonzo, the series follows Tatsumi Saiga, a semi-famous photographer who took photographs during the Bubble War. Speed Grapher is set 10 years after the war in Tokyo, where the rich have become depraved sex addicts, who attend private clubs, and make deals to get access to what they want. Not too different from real life, right?

Saiga is out to photograph one of these exclusive fetish clubs that revolves around a 15-year-old "Goddess" named Kagura. That's where things start to get messed up.

As he is trying to take a photograph of Kagura, he's discovered. The members of the club prepare to kill him, but Kagura kisses him first, granting him the ability to destroy anything he photographs.

As it turns out, Kagura's bodily fluids can grant people bizarre powers related to their fetishes or obsessions. The club has been hypnotizing her and abusing her to grant those powers to the wealthy. Fun, right?

Kagura naturally wants to escape this life, and Saiga sets out to help free her. Unfortunately, it turns out that she is the daughter of the richest woman in the world, who is keeping her captive. Saiga and Kagura are on the run from people with more resources than them, and bizarre powers. Not a good combination.

I liked this series a lot. Unfortunately, towards the end of the 24 episodes, the plot became a little too convoluted and difficult to follow. However, it does an excellent job of setting up the mysteries of the bizarre powers people have, and how they got them.

I would recommend this one to anyone who likes their anime to have supernatural mystery and sex without turning into Hentai.

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