Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alice On Deadlines Volume 1

Overall Rating: B+
Synopsis: A Shōnen comedy and fantasy series created by Shiro Ihara, Alice On Deadlines follows the misadventures of the Shinigami Lapan and the human Alice. In the book, shinigami are more like the ones featured in Bleach, than in Deathnote. They appear human, have a bureaucracy, and collect souls for the afterlife. They cannot travel to earth in their bodies however, so they must possess a soulless body.

Lapan is a degenerate shinigami who doesn't do his job and looks at porn all the time. As punishment, his boss sends him to take care of a wandering soul (similar to Hollows for those familiar with Bleach) in the form of a skeleton (Lapan was hoping for a sexy woman, though how sexy a woman might be...).

However, due to a mix-up (it hasn't been determined how it happened yet), Lapan ends up in the body of Alice, a sweet, buxom, and living young woman who goes to (of course) an all-girls school. Alice, in turn, ends up in the skeleton that was meant for Lapan. Wackiness ensues.

Lapan, being the letch he is, decides to grope Alice's schoolmates, while Alice (as a skeleton) beats him up and threatens him. Good times. In between hilarity and panty shots, Lapan retrieves the lost soul, and they learn that it will be a year before their situation can be fixed.

When I first started reading Alice On Deadlines, I thought it was weird and kind of fun, but the scenes with Lapan trying to molest young women didn't sit well with me, and the non-stop pervy humor was wearing thin.

Then, they introduced a new character, Ume. Ume is another male shinigami who is the son of the head shinigami (at least that's what's implied). He is also in love with Lapan, and stalks him. He gets special permission to be sent to earth in a young woman's body and starts harassing Lapan. At that point, the book turned truly hilarious, and I enjoyed it a lot more. I will probably pick up volume 2 just to see more interaction between the skeleton Alice, Lapan in Alice's body, and Ume.

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