Monday, January 7, 2008

Last Exile Anime Review - Disc 1

Overall Rating: A-
Synopsis: A steampunk anime by Gonzo Studios, and falls squarely in the adventure category. The story follows Claus Valca and Lavie Head, two orphans who make their living as couriers. Claus is an expert pilot (apparently, just like his father), and Lavie is his navigator in the steampunk world of Prester. Of course, they make some money on the side running races in their vanship.

Unfortunately for Claus and Lavie, they get caught in the middle of a war between two countries, Anatole and Dysis, when they run into (almost literally) another courier with a package with a 7 Star (they had just finished a 3 star run, their most difficult one yet) danger rating. The "package" is a small girl named Alvis Hamilton, whom they must deliver to the battleship "Silvana".

Silavana is a neutral party in the war, and everyone seems to be afraid of them. Probably because when they enter one fight, they might help you or shoot you down. You don't fucking know, they're crazy like that. On top of all of that, there are crazy-looking robot ships that are hunting the girl down, but we have yet to learn why.

So far, I want to love this series. I almost do, but it's going to take at least another disc worth of plot before I can commit. It's showing a lot of promise though. Regarldess, it's gorgeous, and if you love steampunk half as much as I do, check this series out.


ninjabong said...


Stick with it, the plot definitely fleshes out. Although I wouldn't necessarily put it at the top of my list of all time favorite anime, the steampunk factor and general wonderment of the Last Exile world I definitely really enjoyed.

Nick said...

Thanks, I definitely intend to. Disc 2 is already in my Netflix queue!

贝贝 said...

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