Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Manga Review - Negima Volume 2 and D. Gray-man Volumes 2-5

Overall Rating:
Negima Volume 2: F
D. Gray-man Volumes 2-5: A-

Synopsis: It's time for something a little different. I picked up the second volume of Negima at the library and the second volume of D. Grayman, and I'm going to do a follow up review on both series. For my review of Negima volume 1 go here. For my review of D. Gray-man Volume 1 go here.

Negima is a disappointment. I had heard good things about the series, but it turns out it is little more than plot strung together to create excuses to show junior high school girls naked and in various states of undress. I am not reading anymore of this series.

D. Gray-man on the other hand continues to improve. They have introduced more characters (including a vampire exorcist named Krory they keep calling Krorykins!), and the existing characters (Allen Walker, Kanda, and Lenalee particularly) keep getting more interesting. I'm up to volume 5 now and I'm hooked. It isn't one of my all time favorites, but it's a fun read and definitely worth checking out.

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