Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Glass Fleet Anime

Overall Rating: D-
Synopsis: A science fiction/adventure anime series, Glass Fleet opens with a space fight between two warring factions. We aren't given much background information, but the effeminate and effete Vetti Lunard Sforza de Roselait seems to be winning. After destroying his enemy after they surrender to him, Vetti promises a new age of justice, but according to Michel (who is narrating/philosophizing) he will just be another tyrant. We then fast-forward a bit (not sure how long) to when Vetti is acting like a tyrant and Michel has begun leading the People's Army in revolution.

For some reason yet to be determined, Vetti does not want to hurt Michel, but does want him captured (there are insinuations that Vetti is in love with Michel). Just when it seems Michel has finally been captured, a strange ship shows up and destroys his captors (while Michel waits unprotected in space, which bothers me. Shouldn't he have been in a suit or something so he could breathe?)

The ship bears the crest of the old Royal Family, and it's Captain, Creo Aiolos Corbeille de Veil, claims to be their descendant. So, you know, awesome.

Despite all the talk of revolution and power to the people, all the women in the series so far are either maids or annoying brats. On top of that, I didn't find any of the characters remotely interesting. They all seemed superficial and I didn't care about either side of the fight. I only got through two episodes before giving up, so it may get better, but I can't recommend it.

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