Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ceres: Celestial Legend - Manga Review

Rating: D+

Synopsis: Aya and Aki Mikage are twins, and on their sixteenth birthday it is revealed to them by their family the secrets of the Mikage bloodline. The origin of the Mikage bloodline is the fisherman and the angel (from the fairy tale where the fisherman steals the angel's robe while she bathes and forces her to be his wife and bear his children until she recovers her robes so she can return to heaven).

Unfortunately, the twins are reincarnations of the angel (Aya) and fisherman (Aki), destined to fight. Once the family uses a mummified hand to determine this, they declare that they will kill Aya and protect Aki. Aya runs away, and finds out that the soul of Ceres (the heavenly maiden/angel) lives within her and will become a dominant personality if she ever sees her twin brother again - and will then try to kill him and everyone else in her family.

The heavenly maiden plot is interesting, with Aya and Ceres fighting for control. An unusual and welcome addition are the horror elements throughout the story (psychotic mother, bleeding walls, etc.) but unfortunately the story suffers from over-exposure to Aya's lovelife. Everyone seems to wax romantic about Aya, even her cousins. These romantic plots hinder the supernatural/horror plot, though I'm not sure if either could stand on their own.

Also, the character design is very similar for almost all of the characters, only hair color or slight differences are suppose to help us discern which guy is which (love interest #1? love interest #2? twin? cousin who wants to be love interest #3?).

Despite some interesting ideas, the design is very confusing, and I get more and more annoyed each time Aya's lovelife takes over for pages on end. I'm giving up on this series after just two books.

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