Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Blood Brothers

Overall Rating: D/B
Synopsis: The series is a supernatural action comedy, and it focuses on Jiro Mochizuki, an "Old Blood" (i.e. really fucking old) vampire. He and his little brother Kotaro are trying to get to the Special Zone (yep, that's what it's called), a city where vampires live.

You see, in BBB, humans know about vampires and have created the Order Coffin Company, who mediate between humans and vampires. Unfortunately, there is a group of really bad vampires called Kowloon Children who are pretty much the worst (as we are told over and over again). No one likes them, which is probably why they are so mean. That and they appear to be insane, but whatever.

Anyway, Jiro is a total bad ass, except water and sunlight mess him up. For some reason (I think they explain this at some point) Kotaro does not give even one fuck about these things, but he sucks at everything else except laughing.
Can these two get to the special zone? What will happen when they get there? Dun dun ddduuunnnnnnn!

So, it should be pretty obvious by now that this anime is ridiculous. Jiro at one point beats up his little brother (because Kotaro woke him up) by flipping the bird at Kotaro as hard as he could. Seriously. Jiro apparently has a power called the Hide Hand that lets him do this, which is silly.

Essentially, the anime makes little sense, but it is also hilarious and it's amusing to make fun of the characters and their antics. If you want a good vampire anime, check out Hellsing Ultimate. If you want to laugh at the ridiculous hat Jiro wears, then check out Black Blood Brothers.

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