Friday, November 9, 2007

Ouran High School Host Club

Overall Rating: A
Synopsis: Created by Bisco Hatori, the series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran High School. Haruhi is a girl, but she got gum put in her hair so she cut it short, and wears boys clothes. This wouldn't be terribly important, but one day she stumbles across the school's Host Club. The Host Club is basically a place for six idly rich pretty boys to be idly rich pretty boys, and idly rich pretty girls to come and fawn over them and pretend the boys are their fiancées and boyfriends. After breaking an extremely valuable vase, it is determined that Haruhi will work off her debt by becoming a member of the club. Despite the fact that she is neither idly rich, nor a boy. Oh ho dear readers, what will happen next?

After reading the description for the series, I knew I would love Ouran High School Host Club. Or, more accurately, I hoped it wouldn't be one of those manga that sounds really good, and then sucks. I read the first volume last night, and kept bothering my girlfriend by giggling while she was trying to work. I particularly loved the Host Club members, and especially loved Tamaki, the Host Club King.

He insists that everyone call him the king of the host club (even though no one does), and sulks in the corner if anyone is mean to him (which happens a lot). In short, he reminded me of me. Therefore, I spent most of the night posing, pouting, and acting like the characters in the book. I couldn't tell if this delighted or annoyed my girlfriend, or both. I am betting on the latter.

I also enjoyed how fascinated the club members were by "proletarian" food, like instant coffee and ramen. They had never eaten it before, and make a huge fuss about trying some "prole coffee". It's hilarious. I highly recommend this one to fans of Shojo manga.


kaixin said...

thanks a lot of your review!

wow i love this manga and anime!

i actually started watching and reading this series after reading your recommendation.

I particularly prefer shojo manga of this type, like the wallflower, fruit basket etc.

thanks again!

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