Monday, August 13, 2007

Midori Days - Manga Review (Volumes 1 & 2)

Rating: B-

Synopsis: Seiji Sawamura is known as a scary fighter throughout his high school with his "Devil's Right Hand" - his male friends utilize his reputation and fighting skills to help them get out of predicaments with gangs, and instead of bullying, he's usually protecting weaker students. Unfortunately, all Seiji wants is a girlfriend, and his badassery scares all the ladies away. One day, as he unsuccessfully tries to woo one girl, he goes home and wishes for a girlfriend. The next morning, his Devil's Right Hand has turned into a miniature girl's torso that's alive! In fact, it's the body of Midori Kasugano, a local high school girl who has a crush on him and has been admiring him from afar. Her life-sized body has gone into a coma-like sleep.

Suddenly Seiji's life has become a LOT weirder. With a tiny girl torso as his hand, he can't punch his way out of situations, and Midori is completely ga-ga for him and has a hard time shutting up while he goes to school. Everything is covered with humorous overtones, including going to the men's room, and how they bathe separately.

Initially, I thought this manga would have the one hook - his hand is a girl! And yes, they have that, but they really do address a lot of the strangeness that could go on, such as, she is a tiny doll-sized girl, so how is she going to get clothes? Well, I guess Seiji will have to go buy doll's clothes if he cares. It takes him two or three tries to manage to buy her doll's clothes, and once ended in a brawl. But mainly, over time, we see Seiji begin to care for Midori (like when she gets a cold, or needs clothes) while she occupies his right hand.

Typically, for a manga boy, Seiji is completely oblivious of any girl who likes him (which there are several, including Midori (his now right hand), who constantly fawns over him) and bemoans his lone wolf status on a number of occasions.

Despite the shōnen tendencies to show boobs for no reason, they at least try to work it into the plot. I really liked the art style, the plot is funny, and the characters definitely grow on you. I would suggest this to anyone who isn't going to be weirded out by a guy with a girl for his hand. (Midori Days is by Kazurou Inoue)

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